Every case line is distinctive in terms of material, properties and equipment. While some have wheels or integrated trolley systems others do not come with standard stacking knobs. Most cases can be printed on while some – depending on their surface texture – can only be equipped with sticker labels. A few case lines are also fit for In-Mould-Labeling.

To check out specific details visit the web pages we have put together for each of our distinct case lines. On this page you will find the corresponding information and explanations.

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Fastener colors elegantLine



Fasteners usually come in two different kinds: integrated ones which are fixed case components and those which can be taken off and exchanged.

Removable fasteners
Most single-walled cases are equipped with removable fasteners. Thus it is possible to combine differently colored cases and fasteners. For example: the elegantLine offers 12 different fasteners colors.

Integrated fasteners
These are either manufactured as part of the case shell or they are manufactured separately and later mounted stationary.

That way our smartLine cases are manufactured in one piece – including case shells, hinges, handles and fasteners. In contrast explorerLine and outdoorLine fasteners are fabricated separately but installed with metal pins that usually last for a lifetime.


Case series with removable and exchangeable fasteners: elegantLine, universalLine, hardLine, talentLine, strongLine, challengeLine, functionLine, colorLine



hardLine with integrated stacking knobs


Stacking knobs

Most case series feature integrated and more or less defined stacking knobs depending upon the case size. They ensure that multiple cases of the same kind can be stacked upon each other easily and securely.

If cases do not possess the required surface design self-adhesive stacking knobs can be purchased separately.


Case series without integrated stacking knobs: elegantLine


Lid holder


Lid holders

In order to open the case lid at a 90° angle without the lid falling over backwards cases can usually be equipped with lid holders. Since the holders are screwed on tightly they will also prevent opening the case entirely. Lid holders usually consist of two metal jaws connected by a hinge and mounted on the case’s left and right side between lid and base shell.

Lid holders are especially well suited for items you want to have easy access to while also keeping them well visible. This makes lid holders a very convenient choice for cases with document compartments used to store operation manuals and handbooks.


Case series with lid holders: all of them


smartLine Koffer mit 2 Zwischenplatten


Divider plates

Divider plates are used to shut off one or both case shells separately. They are able to keep items from falling out or to provide extra protection. There are different divider plates for each case model. Normally the plates are single colored or transparent but they can be modified according to customer wishes:

>> via imprint

>> via foam lining (e.g. knob foam)

>>  by adding document compartments

Our talentLine also offers perforated divider plates with sets of rubber band, clips and locating pins.


Case series with standardized divider plates: hardLine, talentLine, strongLine, challengeLine, functionLine, smartLine


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