Every case line is distinctive in terms of material, properties and equipment. While some have wheels or integrated trolley systems others do not come with standard stacking knobs. Most cases can be printed on while some – depending on their surface texture – can only be equipped with sticker labels. A few case lines are also fit for In-Mould-Labeling.

To check out specific details visit the web pages we have put together for each of our distinct case lines. On this page you will find the corresponding information and explanations.

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Fastener colors elegantLine



Fasteners usually come in two different kinds: integrated ones which are fixed case components and those which can be taken off and exchanged.

Removable fasteners
Most single-walled cases are equipped with removable fasteners. Thus it is possible to combine differently colored cases and fasteners. For example: the elegantLine offers 12 different fasteners colors.

Integrated fasteners
These are either manufactured as part of the case shell or they are manufactured separately and later mounted stationary.

That way our smartLine cases are manufactured in one piece – including case shells, hinges, handles and fasteners. In contrast explorerLine and outdoorLine fasteners are fabricated separately but installed with metal pins that usually last for a lifetime.


Case series with removable and exchangeable fasteners: elegantLine, universalLine, hardLine, talentLine, strongLine, challengeLine, functionLine, colorLine



hardLine with integrated stacking knobs


Stacking knobs

Most case series feature integrated and more or less defined stacking knobs depending upon the case size. They ensure that multiple cases of the same kind can be stacked upon each other easily and securely.

If cases do not possess the required surface design self-adhesive stacking knobs can be purchased separately.


Case series without integrated stacking knobs: elegantLine


Lid holder


Lid holders

In order to open the case lid at a 90° angle without the lid falling over backwards cases can usually be equipped with lid holders. Since the holders are screwed on tightly they will also prevent opening the case entirely. Lid holders usually consist of two metal jaws connected by a hinge and mounted on the case’s left and right side between lid and base shell.

Lid holders are especially well suited for items you want to have easy access to while also keeping them well visible. This makes lid holders a very convenient choice for cases with document compartments used to store operation manuals and handbooks.


Case series with lid holders: all of them


smartLine with divider plates


Divider plates

Divider plates are used to shut off one or both case shells separately. They are able to keep items from falling out or to provide extra protection. There are different divider plates for each case model. Normally the plates are single colored or transparent but they can be modified according to customer wishes:

>> via imprint

>> via foam lining (e.g. knob foam)

>>  by adding document compartments

Our talentLine also offers perforated divider plates with sets of rubber band, clips and locating pins.


Case series with standardized divider plates: hardLine, talentLine, strongLine, challengeLine, functionLine, smartLine


strongLine with document compartment


Document compartments

Document compartments come in different shapes and sizes and are usually glued into the top half of the case.

The additional storage room can be used for handbooks and operational manuals that go with the product. The compartments provide fast access and a maximum of order.


Case series with standard installed document compartments: strongLine, challengeLine, functionLine, smartLine


outdoorLine with with special inlay for tools


Special inlays and compartments

For some cases we offer inlays or compartments which are predesigned for certain products: e.g. tools, notebooks, tablets or cameras. Such inlays usually come with cases which are often used or have been developed for packaging these specific products.


>> safetyBag® 3245 (elegantLine): layout especially for tablets, corresponding foam inlay available
>> safetyBag® 3614 (outdoorLine): special compartment for cameras/ special inlays for tools
>> safetyBag® 3615 (outdoorLine): special compartment for cameras/ special inlays for tools

Case series with special inlays: outdoorLine, elegantLine, silverLine


explorerLine with wheels



Larger cases from our waterproof case series explorerLine & outdoorLine are already equipped with wheels to make transport more comfortable. Large cases without previously integrated wheels can be fitted with trolley systems to support handling and storage.


Case series with integrated wheels:
outdoorLine (optional for cases larger than safetyBag® 3617) & explorerLine (safetyBag® 3444 and larger)




hardLine with trolley


Trolley systems

Our largest case – safetyBag® 3499 from the explorerLine – weighs 19.8 kg (43.6 pounds) and provides integrated wheels and trolley handles. Our other large and heavy plastic cases are designed in similar fashion or can be equipped with separate trolley systems.

Separate trolley systems work like small hand trucks. They include telescopic handles and wheels on which the case can be mounted. For cases that already have wheels single trolley handles can be purchased.


Case series with integrated trolley systems: outdoorLine & explorerLine (selected cases)
Case series with separate trolley systems: every case series


universalLine with carrying straps


Carrying straps

Carrying straps are helpful tools if cases have to be carried for longer periods of time. Adjustable and furnished with a shoulder pad they ensure optimal comfort.

All safetyBag® cases, plastic as well as aluminum cases, can be equipped with carrying straps. However, for larger and heavier cases the use of trolley systems is preferable.


Case series: every series
Alternatives: trolley systems, back carrying systems


explorerLine Koffer with back carrying system


Back carrying systems

Ergonomic case handles are sufficient for short distances. Longer distances require the support and relief offered by carrying straps and/or trolley systems. Now imagine a scenario in which the case has to be carried for great distances because the terrain is not suitable for trolley systems!

Our back carrying systems have been designed for that exact situation. They make it possible to carry your case on your back and are especially suited for outdoor activities. Back carrying systems are available for all small and medium sized outdoorLine and explorerLine cases.

The carrying system encloses the middle of the case with a buckle. Two straps offer optimal carrying comfort. Upon arriving at the destination the carrying system can be opened and stowed away separately.


Case series: explorerLine & outdoorLine (every other case series with compatible case sizes)





All safetyBag® cases whose surface is suitiable can be imprinted. Depending on case model, imprint size and quantity as well as the motive, different techniques can be used:

>> silkscreen printing

>> digital printing

>> pad printing

Very complex or otherwise demanding designs (e.g. colours) might require the use of In-Mould-Labeling. If cases are  are not fit for imprinting (e.g. due to their surface) or the imprint is not economically efficient due to a small order quantity nearly all safetyBag® cases can be decorated with labels.


Case series fit for imprinting: every series
ATTENTION: distinct/rough surface structures can severely restrict the available print area (e.g. strongLine)




In-Mould-Labeling (IML)

In-mold labeling is a case printing technique. But unlike other forms of printing IML is part of the original case production. The motif or logo is printed on a polypropylene sheet which is inserted directly into the injection mould. Due of the high temperature during the production of the case the raw material and the motif sheet merge into one unit. The advantages:

>> Suitcases printed by In-Mold-Labeling impress with extraordinary print quality and color brilliance.

>> The imprint is durable and very tough.

>> IML is very cost-effective since two processes - otherwise separate - are combined in just one process.

Because the process is used during case production it is important to observe the minimum purchase order quantity. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team for further information.


Suitcase series suitable for IML: universalLine & colorLine


Special case colors explorerLine


Special case colors & fasteners

Almost all cases and fasteners can be produced in customized colors. But since setting up special color product lines usually requires the interruption of standard production processes this is only efficient for large order quantities.

If the required minimum quantities are to high providing a color-neutral case (white, black, gray) with correspondingly colored fasteners is a viable alternative.

There are almost no limits to choosing colors. The plastic granules of the raw material can be mixed with any color.

You are interested in a case or case fasteners in the color of your corporate design? Please get in touch with us. Our sales team is always looking forward to support you.


Case series with special colors: all plastic case series



strongLine case with label



Often there are packaging projects for which a case imprint is out of the question because of one or more of the following reasons:

>> The case has a surface which is not suitable for printing.
>> The order quantity is to low and the printing thus inefficient.
>> The decoration of the case shall not be permanent.
>> The same case is used to package different products and cannot be pre-printed accordingly.

In these cases labels are an excellent alternative. They can be printed in small quantities, they can be removed without having any residue and they can still be applied later.

Suitable case series: all


explorerLine with combination lock



In cases where fasteners alone are not sufficient to secure the case contents locks can provide additional security. Please be aware that not all case series have appropriate attachment options. For those case series which allow an attachment there are different types of locks:

>> Padlocks
>> Combination locks
>> TSA number locks

In addition the silverLine features cases with lockable clip fasteners. Separate locks are not required.

Lockable case series: outdoorLine, explorerLine, silverLine


universalLine with assortment box



Whether as part of a case solution or separately: the possibilities are almost unlimited!

>> round boxes
>> transparent promotion boxes
>> rectangular boxes
>> assortment cases
>> stacking boxes
>> tote boxes
>> conductive & SMD boxes
>> membrane boxes
>> dental boxes
>> transparent tube boxes
>> with foam inlays, imprint or laser


For more information please do not hesitate to contact our sales department: 0 41 31 - 26 664-24.



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