safetyBag® product range

Whether you are looking for plastic cases, foam inlays or other solutions like membrane packaging or deep drawn inlays - on this page you are welcome to get a general idea of our product range and our packaging possibilities. To get more detailed information please click one of the product sectors below or contact our sales team.

product range cases


safetyBag® specializes in cases and case solutions. From XS to XXL, watertight, double-walled, with or without customized interior, 1 piece or 1.000 - we will find your perfect packaging solution.


>> Short info

>> 15 different case series

>> over 250 different sizes

>> smallest size: 90 x 65 x 21 mm (elegantLine 3200 for business cards)

>> biggest size: 1.080 x 620 x 400 mm (explorerLine 3499)

>> many standard colours / additional colours upon request

Product range foam


Foam - whether in a case or alone - provides perfect protection and an attractive presentation for your products. For various tasks we can offer different materials and processing techniques.


>> Short info

>> PE hard foam

>> PU soft foam

>> knob and grid foam

>> various colours (black, white, grey, blue, red, etc.)

>> various manufacturing techniques

>> special materials (flame-retardent, electrically conductive, statically dissipative)

Product case accessories and additional packaging products

Case accessories & additional products

You would like to know all the printing possibilities or how a trolley systems works or what a "lid holder" is? Please come to our "accessories" page. Here we provide information about case equipment and additional packaging products.


>> Schnellinfo Sonstige Verpackungsprodukte

>> fasteners

>> lid holders

>> divider plates

>> document compartments

>> round & rectangular boxes

>> tote & stocking boxes

>> and many more

Product range deep drawn inlays

Deep drawn inlays

In case your product or equipment has to be cleaned after use or needs exceptionally long-lasting and stable fixture we can offer you deep drawn inlays as alternative to foam. Washable, age resistant and cost-efficient.


>> Short info

>> standard deep drawn inlays for elegantLine (11 cases)

>> customized deep drawn inlays for all case series

>> customized deep drawn inlays without cases (e.g. workpiece carrier, ESD products, multipurpose packagings)

Product range membrane packagings

Membrane packaging

Membrane packaging products are perfect for mass transport and storage of sensitive products and equipment. For very small and expensive products membrane boxes are convenient alternative.


>> Short info

>> membrane boxes in over 25 sizes

>> membrane cardboard boxes in 20 standard sizes

>> retention packagings in 44 standard sizes

>> one-piece retention packagings in 18 standard sizes

>> customised membrane & retention packagings available