Terms like "polyethylene", "contour cut" or "in-mould-labeling" are commonplace in our line of work. For our customers who are usually not at home in the packaging sector terms like these are unfamiliar and sometimes puzzling. On this page we would like to explain our special gobbledygoog and provide answers to questions that arise frequently about packaging and case solutions.

Plastic cases, foam, packaging ideas - please find information and explanations to frequently asked questions below. Of course you are still welcome to question us personally. Just contact our sales team or send us an e-mail.


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ICON Printing FAQs: Printing & labels

Which types of imprint can be applied?

To make sure your cases leave a lasting impression and meet their advertising function properly we offer you the affordable opportunity of printing your company logo or slogan on your case.

Silkscreen print:
Individual silkscreen prints can be applied to all plastic and aluminum cases. The choice of color and size is almost unlimited.

For a few of our case series (e.g. colorLine and universalLine) we offer the use of In-Mould-Labeling. The imprint is inserted directly inti the plastic surface which results in high quality and brilliant colors.

Labels and stickers:
Especially for smaller quantities labels provide an excellent alternative to imprints. They can be designed in all possible sizes, shapes and colors and can be attached in various spots.

ICOn cases FAQs: Cases & case solutions

Which are the smallest/larges cases in our product range?

The smallest case we offer equals the size of a business card: 90 x 65 x 21 mm. The safetyBag® 3200 is part of our elegantLine.

safetyBag® 3499 is currently our largest case and offers interior dimensions of 1,080 x 620 x 400 mm. Designed very robustly and scratch proof it has already been used as furniture at various trade fairs by our sales team.

How to find your customized packaging solution?

To ensure you find your best possible solution we will discuss some factors first:

You can choose from 15 different case series which offer distinct features and advantages. Depending on the case´s purpose we can propose the ones best suited for your field of application.

Foam inlays:
Taking into consideration your products` sensibility, weight and shape we can determine which foam is best for you and propose accordingly. The selection includes various soft and hard foams which differ in texture, toughness and color – differently colored foams are an option. Your case´s foam inlay will then be custom-made.

Deep drawn inlays:
With their elegant and robust design these pose an alternative to regular foam inlays.

Exterior design:
If you wish to modify your case on the outside your options include imprinting, labeling and laser engraving.

Does the program include custom designed cases?

Just in case none of our standard safetyBag® cases meet your requirements there are two options for you to design your personal case.

Custom design in plastic:
It is possible to modify already existing plastic case lines. The tools used in the process have to be built first which is only worthwhile when you consider ordering a large number of cases.

Case manufacture:
Alternatively we can offer handmade aluminum frame cases which can be custom-made according to your preferences. These kinds of cases also provide room for special modifications such as side and drawer compartments or a double bottom.

Can I get cases with special colors?

Our safetyBags® (except for silverLine cases) are manufactured from synthetic material which means your choice of colors is theoretically unlimited. In practice manufacturing of specially colored cases interrupts standardized production processes and results in the set up of specific case lines. Therefore special colors are economically reasonable only in large numbers.


If you need only a small number of cases we can offer you colored fastener clips or a print of your Corporate Design instead.

How robust are safetyBag® plastic cases really?

We made the test: with safetyBag® 3103 of our hardLine! Have a look!

ICON foam FAQs: Foam & foam inlays

What is a grid or cube foam?

Grid or cube foams as well as knob foams are prepared by default. The foam is perforated horizontally and vertically into a grid. You can easily separate individual cubes and thus customize the foam yourself.

Grid foam is mostly used when the design of individual foam inlays is not reasonable – for example when only a small number of cases are ordered.

What is knob foam?

Knob foam is usually made of polyurethane und comes pre-fabricated. Knob structures in variable strength (height and thickness) are cut into the foam block.

The specific properties (softness & flexibility) ensure very good protection of items. Knob foam is usually used in case covers to prevent the contents from falling out. It covers the foam inlay and its contents softly and effectively and levels different product heights.

Are there colored foam inlays?

Hard foam as well as soft foam exists in different colors. The range of colors for hard foam is significantly larger. Differently colored foam – usually 2 distinct tones – are often used to create certain effects: e.g. reducing the chance to loose or forget important parts when the case is being closed after the use of its contents.

Ask our sales team for different foam designs and let them help you with your choice of colors.

What information is needed to design customized foam inlays?

In order to design a foam inlay we need to know the products´ shape and dimensions. If available we prefer using the original parts, a sketch outlining the exact dimensions or CAD files (STP, DWG or DXF).

The manufacturing of soft foam inlays usually requires the original product to make sure the inlay fits perfectly.

ICON manufacturing FAQs: Manufacturing & technical questions

Why do equipment or program costs arise?

When existing foams have to be changed or new ones manufactured special equipment has to be set up or preexisting machines have to be reprogrammed accordingly. Here one-time costs for initial or alternation orders emerge.

ICON delivery FAQs: Order conditions & delivery

What are so called opening costs?

Opening costs arise when entire packaging units have to be opened. Orders over a number of cases not corresponding with these packaging units require repackaging. This usually causes effort and therefore costs.

Is it possible to buy a single case?

Technically it is possible to buy single cases. But please take into consideration that many of the smaller models come in specified packaging units. Opening packaging units may entail higher prices. For further information ask our sales team.

How long does delivery usually take?

Delivery time varies. Empty cases or cases with standard foam inlays (knob and grid foam) are available after 2 – 3 weeks. Naturally, cases with customized foam inlays and/or imprint take longer. Once an offer has been made, we will make a realistic estimation.