How your case CONCEPT comes into being

"Chaos is necessary, where should order come from otherwise?" [M. Hinrich, German philosopher]

We develop your customized case concept including a plastic or aluminum case, a foam or deep drawn inlay and - if requested - an imprint or a label to provide you with proper storage, easy access and maximum protection. You would like to know how this works? On this page we explain how your individual case concept comes into being.


Development case solution 1


Your chaos

You lost track of all the spare parts or accessory items? You want faster and easier access?

Provide us with information about your "chaos" and we create order. Send us:

- the original items or

- a completely dimensioned drawing or

- a CAD-file

These information guarantee that your products fits its purposes and the parts it is going to protect to a tee.


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Our contribution

With all necessary details about your packaging task we'll be developing a concept for you, usually including the following elements:

- the right case (size, type, technical properties)

- the right color (case and fasteners)

- the interior design (foam or deep drawn inlay)

- the exterior design (print, In-Mould-Labeling, adhesive labels)

For the realization of these we have access to various manufacturing and processing techniques. For more information about manufacturing and processing please click here or scroll down to the end of this page.

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Your ready-made order

The completed packaging fits your products and your intended packaging purpose perfectly. For example:

- safe and neat storage

- fast and easy access

- maximum protection during transport

- attractive product presentation (e.g. for your sales team)

- nice marketing effect (USP)

If it comes to the many advantages of case packaging see for yourself! Contact us for an offer or a sample.


For further questions concerning the development of customized packaging as well as manufacturing techniques, materials or general sales conditions please contact our sales team: to contact form.

You are also welcome to have a look at our "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)" page. Here we provide a lot of answers to questions frequently posed by our customers.


More information about manufacturing techniques


Various manufacturing techniques for customized products: our customers differ greatly so do their requested packaging projects. To meet their varying demands we are able to apply different product categories as well as different manufacturing techniques.


Printing techniques

Nearly all safetyBag® packaging products can be printed with product logos, pictures or company slogans. Various printing techniques like silk-screen, digital and pad printing can be applied. From simple black-and-white logos to In-Mould-Labeling designs we are able to offer excellent quality, brilliant colors and high-definition prints.


Foam processing

When it comes to foam the material's quality usually defines the processing technique: from contour and water-jet cutting (hard foam) to die cutting (PU foam).

By laminating differently cut foam layers complex 3D geometries can be produced that fit the packed objects like a second skin.

By user laser beams foam inlays can be engraved permanently and with great precision.


Case manufactory

Most safetyBag® cases are standard items with specified dimensions. For large order quantities special colors for shells or fasteners can be manufactured individually.

For very complex demands we are able to offer custom-made cases made of aluminum frames and sheets of durable plastic. The hand-made manufacturing process allows for unique, non-standard products.