Foam and foam inlays

Whether in a case or as a separate item - foam wrappes your products softly for optimum protection, a neat arrangement and an appealing presentation. For varying packaging tasks we are able to offer different materials:

>> PE (polyethylene) hard foam
>> PU (polyurethane) soft foam
>> grid and knob foam
>> various special materials

As case inlays, tool trays or workpiece carrier - we develop your foam solution.

Hard foam


Hard foam

Raw material:

polyethylene (PE)

Standard colors:                

black/anthracite, grey, white, blue, red, yellow, green


punching, milling, water jet cutting, laser engraving, glue lamination (e.g. two-colored foams)

Special types:

flame-retardant, electrically conductive, statically dissipative


also available as grid foam


Soft foam


Soft foam

Raw material:      

polyurethane (PU)

Standard colors:                

black/anthracite, grey, white, blue, red, yellow, green


punching, 3D-cutting, water jet cutting, laminating, laser engraving, glue lamination

Special types:

statically dissipative


also available as knob or grid foam


Knob and grid foam


Special types / materials

Knob foam

Usually knob foam is made of polyurethane in variable strength (height and thickness of the knobs). It is often inserted into case lids. The specific structure offers softness and flexibility, thus preventing compression of sensitive items. It follows the product's shape and levels different product heights.


Grid foam

Like knob foam our grid foam is made of polyurethane in variable strength (height and thickness). Squared perforation allows the removal of individual cubical foam segments. The grid foam is adjusted easily and thus chosen if product shapes vary. Grid foam is the economic standard solution for single items and small series.


safetyBag® EVO//TOUCH


Special Surfaces


safetyBag® EVO//TOUCH

safetyBag® EVO//TOUCH is a foam surface which is laminated with different textures and it can be individually designed according to customer preferences. Through laser treatment of company logos, icons or lettering we can create personalized packaging solutions with high-quality surface finishing. Diverse textures such as the carbon surface (view picture) are optional. From these you can choose the look which fits your product presentation best.
This special feel combined with the exceptional look emphasizes the worthiness of your product and support your very own CI.

This special surface can be combined with any foam which will ensure the safe transport and storage of the products in question. Thereby, excellent protection is easily joined with an aesthetically appealing exterior design. Additionally, safetyBag® EVO//TOUCH is particularly resistant to dirt due to its sealed surface and ensures ideal presentation
as well as clean storage.

Contact our sales team for further information and examples of structured surfaces!

safetyBag® EVO//FOIL



safetyBag® EVO//FOIL

Using safetyBag® EVO//FOIL foam surfaces can be refined with extremely thin foliage and designed individually – without any glue and dissolver. Before their installment on the foam your company logo, icon or lettering is digital imprinted on the foliage in rich and brilliant colours – naturally everything according to your specifications.

The options in designing your individual packaging solution are almost limitless and available in retail sale.

We welcome you to let your imagination run wild in terms of connecting your products safety with a consistent CI and your own standards of design.

Please feel free to contact our sales team for further information on the safetyBag® EVO//FOIL technology.




safetyBag® EVO//SNAP

The special technique safetyBag® EVO//SNAP makes sure the interior of any individual packaging solution can be used even more efficiently.

With this technique even sensitive products can be transported safely in the top shell of any case without the risk of falling out or the need for installing a divider plate. With safetyBag® EVO//SNAP products can simply be “snapped” into the foam and remain there safely even after opening the case lid.

Since the special surface polishing safetyBag EVO//TOUCH is a standard part of this procedure your products will not just be safe but they can also be presented in a high-quality design.

In need of assistance/guidance with safetyBag® EVO//SNAP? Please feel free to contact our sales team!

Foam examples


Processing & finishing


Self adhesive lamination

Heavy items require non-shifting foam layers in order to keep position and avoid damage. Self adhesive lamination provides durable fixation.

As easy as 1-2-3, remove non-Stick layer, put foam insert in position, done.


Laser marking

Ornamental laser markings according to customer requirements can be realized: e.g. company brands, warnings or descriptions to name a few applications.


Two-colored foams

A different colored foam layer construction is used to classify items or make their absence visible. After item removal the ground layer color appears and draws attention to missing objects.


Needle felt cover

Foams are soft cellular materials. This also applies to the surface. Needle felt can be used as a protective coating to prevent foam against abrasion, dirt or puncture through heavy use.