ALL safetybag® case series

We offer 13 different case series including over 250 sizes featuring: watertight plastics cases with IP76 certificate, double-walled cases, aluminum cases and boxes as well as handcrafted aluminum frame cases. Sizes range from XS (elegantLine 3200 in business card size) to XXL (explorerLine 3499 with interior dimensions 1.080 x 620 x 400 mm).


Case series outdoorLine


All outdoorLine cases are water-tight, dust-proof and extremely robust. Due to their IP67 certification as well as their price advantage they are a favorable alternative to other water-tight cases.


>> Quick info outdoorLine

>> 19 standard sizes

>> 4 compact sizes

>> 2 standard colors (orange / black)

>> IP67 certification

>> water-tight, dust-proof and extremely robust

Case series explorerLine


Built stronger to last longer. Our explorerLine cases are able to meet all possible challenges - onshore, offshore and in the air. They provide extensive protection for sensors, cameras, measuring instruments and many more.


>> Quick info explorerLine

>> 28 standard sizes

>> including various XXL cases

>> 2 standard colors (orange / black)

>> IP67 certification

>> water-tight, dust-proof and extremely durable

Case series adventureLine


Our adventureLIne cases combine an exceptionally light weight with a likewise extraordinary high resistance to mechanical impact. Thanks to their material - a high performance resin plastics mixture named TTX01 - they are water, dust and shock proof. Special solutions available: e.g. for cameras and multicopter.


>> Quick info adventureLine

>> over 20 standard sizes

>> 1 backpack case

>> 6 pilote cases

>> 2 SD card cases

>> IP67 certification

>> ultra lightweight but extremely robust

Case series elegantLine


You are looking for a packaging that is high-class and reliable but also appealing in design? Than our elegantLine is the right choice for you.


>> Quick info elegantLine

>> 15 standard sizes

>> 4 standard colors (blue, grey, black & translucent)

>> 12 standard fastener colors

>> 6 cases available with translucent crystal clear surface

>> 11 cases available with white high-gloss surface

Case series universalLine


A classic in 14 different sizes: one-walled, robust, tried and tested. With a timeless design and various applications. The universalLine meets every challenge.


>> Quick info universalLine

>> 14 standard sizes

>> 8 standard colors (black, anthracite, silver-grey, blue, dark blue, red, yellow & translucent)

>> 7 standard fastener colors (black, anthracite, silver-grey, blue, dark blue, red & yellow)

>> 12 special colors available upon request

>> suitable for In-Mould-Labeling

Case series hardLine


All hardLine cases feature a special sandwich frame construction for maximum stability. Knee-lever fasteners, stacking feet and constant hinges provide additional resilience and load capacity.


>> Quick info hardLine

>> 13 standard sizes

>> 7 standard colors (black, anthracite, silver-grey, blue, dark blue, red & yellow)

>> 5 standard fastener colors (black, anthracite, silver-grey, dark blue, red)

>> 13 special colors available upon request

>> standard divider plates for 12 cases available

>> trolley option for 3 cases

Case series silverLine


Our silverLine provides cases and presentation boxes made of aluminum - including a sophisticated design and high-quality workmanship. Various designs and types available.


>> Quick info silverLine

>> 12 standard sizes (cases)

>> 18 standard sizes (presentation boxes)

>> many more types upon request

>> high-quality, splash-proof aluminum

>> stylish semicircular design

Case series talentLine


Our talentLine combines a very robust frame construction with a classic case design. The highly functional cases are fit for a multitude of purposes - especially for industrial or technical applications.


>> Quick info talentLine

>> 15 standard sizes

>> 7 standard colors

>> 7 standard fastener colors

>> 13 additional colors upon request

>> divider plates for selected cases (safetyBag® 3121 to 3129)

>> fit for In-Mould-Labeling

Case series strongLine


Double-walled and extremely reliable. The layer of air between inner and outer wall is able to cushion all sorts of mechanical impacts and strains. Constructed for high carrying loads up to 40 kg.


>> Quick info strongLine

>> 4 standard sizes

>> 2 standard colors (grey, black)

>> for carrying loads up to 40 kg

>> double-walled

>> inner wall customization available

Case series challengeLine


As the name already indicates these cases are able to meet all possible challenges. They are the sturdy choice for every occasion: scratch proof, temperature resistant and especially fit for being printed. With 26 different sizes the challenge line is our largest case series.


>> Quick info challengeLine

>> 26 standard sizes

>> 4 standard colors

>> 3 standard fastener colors

>> exchangeable clip fastening system

>> scratch proof surfaces

>> divider plates & document compartments available

>> trolley systems available

>> solid feet and integrated stacking aids

Case series functionLine


Even with only 5 different case sizes the functionLine is highly efficient. From the smallest to the biggest model - which is the biggest plastics case in the safetyBag® portfolio - all cases are surprisingly light-weight, fashionable and easy to handle.


>> Quick info functionLine

>> 5 standard sizes

>> 4 standard colors

>> 3 standard fastener colors

>> low empty weight

>> material PP (3570, 3572 & 3574): also available in transparent

>> material ABS (3576 & 3578): also available in translucent

Case series smartLine


Small sizes with big effect! The smartLine is the only case series in our portfolio that is made in one go and does not consist of different parts (separate lids, fasteners, hinges & handles). That makes all 4 sizes especially compact and sturdy.


>> Quick info smartLine

>> 4 standard sizes

>> 4 standard colors

>> made in one go (integrated handle, fasteners and hinges)

>> deep base for more volume and optimum space utilization

>> especially fit for being printed

Case series colorLine


Your chance to add color to your packaging concept! There are 8 RAL colors as well as a transparent type available. All cases are fit for In-Mould-Labeling as well which makes them the perfect choice for marketing and promotion purposes.


>> Quick info colorLine

>> 8 standard sizes

>> 9 standard colors (black, white, anthracite, navy, yellow, blue, green, red & transparent)

>> various fastener colors

>> In-Mould-Labeling (100 cases or more)

Case series basicLine


The basicLine combines different designs with supreme functionality for a multitude of purposes! All cases are very cost-efficient and highly suited for basic packaging tasks as well as very extensive packaging projects.


>> Quick info basicLine

>> 32 standard sizes

>> 4 different designs

>> various standard colors

>> excellent price-performance ratio