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From developing high-tech navigation instruments for endoscopic surgery to building entire ships - our customers specialize in very different products and trades. Packaging is usually not one of them.

Which is fine - because when it comes to packaging we are the experts. We know all that is to know about cases, foam, printing, deep drawn inlays ... and everything else that matters.

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Our sales team - your packaging experts


The ratioSystems® Team that manages the safetyBag® brand helps customers since 1997 solving their packaging problems.

They keep track of more than 700 different cases, of manufacturing and printing possibilities as well as alternate packaging products from rectangle to membrane boxes.

safetyBag® sales team

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The team
Sales team Karsten Stotz


Karsten Stotz

Sales manager

E-mail: karsten.stotz@safetybag.de

Sales hotline: +49 (0) 41 31 - 23 24 20


Sales team Maj-Britt Christlieb


Maj-Britt Christlieb

Back office

E-mail: maj-britt.christlieb@safetybag.de

Sales hotline: +49 (0) 41 31 - 23 24 20


Sales team Renaldo Ennullat


Renaldo Ennullat

Order processing and sales

E-mail: renaldo.ennullat@safetyBag.de

Sales hotline: +49 (0) 41 31 - 23 24 20


Your advantages

Contact us for advice about your customized packaging solution. We develop your case concept. We realize your case solution. - So you can concentrate on making brain surgery easier or cruise ships more comfortable.


The six advantages of high-quality packaging solutions

Germany is in equal parts a place of innovation and a high technology location. In 2016 about 68.000 new patents were submitted. And there is a trend in product development: products become even more complex, more technologically demanding as well as digitally compatible. Obviously this also has consequences for the accompanying packaging solutions which are not just supposed to protect optimally, smarten up and simplify transport but – in the best case – to reflect some of the innovative energy and uniqueness of the packaged items. Plastic cases are especially well suited for this effect.

Six major advantages of plastic cases in comparison to other packaging solutions:

  1.   Plastic cases are very high-quality and sophisticated looking packaging solutions.

  2.   Plastic cases are excellent mediums for the Corporate Design of the corresponding products.

  3.   Plastic cases stand out compared to normal cardboard packaging and catch customer´s attention more easily.

  4.   Plastic cases are tough, durable and reusable.

  5.   Plastic cases offer premium protection: whether it is under water, in the air or when falling out of the highest warehouse shelf.

  6.   Plastic cases ensure perfect ergonomic handling – thanks to handles, stacking feet and trolley systems.

…and the six problems you will never experience again

Packaging solutions offer lots of advantages (as listed above). Furthermore many problems which are unfortunately very common with cardboard boxes, bags and other types of packaging can be avoided by using cases.

Six problems you will pass on thanks to safetyBag® case solutions:

  1.   Customer complaints caused by damages due to transport.

  2.   Damages caused by or during storage.

  3.   Cardboard boxes soggy from rain and snow.

  4.   Back pain due to heavy and difficult to maneuver packets.

  5.   Huge amounts of useless filling material you have to dispose of.

  6.   Sharp and possibly dangerous tools (knives, scissors, cutters) to unpack your products.